Don’t make the same mistake

I’ve written before about the necessity of having your PR team at the table when big decisions are being made. I can’t help but believe the executives at The Hallmark Channel forgot this. If I am wrong and someone from PR was present, then they made a terrible error in…

Is there coordination between your digital team and the communications staff?

Be it a corporation, nonprofit, political candidate or any other entity, the key to effective communication with your audience is uniformity of messaging. The digital team must be involved in the development of the strategy for disseminating content via…

What to write about? Ugh! I can’t tell you how many times I have asked myself that question since starting this blog two and a half years ago. This was supposed to be the place I shared personal stories and professional tips on a consistent basis. There are 15 stories…

Janice Evans-Davis

Janice Evans-Davis is a public affairs/public relations strategist in Houston, TX.

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